Small orders

Small orders, less than 5000.

This is how to work out cost…


Size 90mm x 90mm sticker.

We print & cut for R350 a square meter. (Price may change at any time, depending on design) Contact us for quote


1:) Add 10mm x 10mm for cut space,

So sticker area will be 100mm(side 1) x 100mm (side2)


2:)Workout cost for printing a square meter>

1000mm ÷ 100mm = 10 (side 1)

1000mm ÷ 100mm = 10 (side 2)


3:)10×10 = 100 stickers per sqaure meter.

R350 ÷ 100 = R3,50 per sticker

(if you don’t understand, contact us and we will work it out for you…)

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